Welcome to La Troupe des Anciens

Happy New Year 2022!

La Troupe des Anciens wishes everyone a happy New Year.

Let us hope that we shall soon see the end of COVID 19 and all its tricks. We have sorely missed the company of Molière and of our loyal audiences.

Welcome to the Troupe des Anciens de l’Université de Toronto (“The Alumni Troupe of the University of Toronto”) web site. The troupe has presented plays in French by Molière and other playwrights for more than fifty years, has helped to educate hundreds of high school and university students, and has brought enjoyment to thousands of spectators. Our feature for April 2020 is Tartuffe (1664) by Molière. Don’t miss it!

Cast photo 2019 - actors in costume along with crew standing on stage at the George Ignatieff Theatre, surrounding artistic director Paulette Collet
Cast and crew of the 2019 50th anniversary show, Molière’s “The Miser”